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Businesses should not have the mandatory right to delay the provision of health services
Court conditions are setting people up for failure and blocking access to health care and support.
Police officers across the province are abusing their authority and endangering the lives of marginalized people through their actions.
An analysis of how stigma informs police violence and failures of the justice system and social services
Overreliance on prohibition and punishment is ineffective, a waste of public funds, and taking a terrible human toll on people who use drugs and their families and loved ones
The group complaint action was not in response to the police raid of the High Hopes kiosk in the Downtown Eastside street market
In May of 2017, around 90 homeless individuals banded together to find safety and security in community by setting up a tent city to survive outdoors. Over the following year, that community grew to nearly 200 people. We have followed them in their journey as they’ve taken a stand against the bigotry and stigma that fuel BC’s homelessness crisis to show their courage and determination in the face of systemic discrimination.
The mandatory victim fine surcharge criminalizes poverty and threatens the health and safety of marginalized communities.
"Without access to safer alternatives, a toxic, street-based drug supply will continue to be a government-sanctioned death sentence for people who use drugs."
#PivotLegal successfully fought back against a proposed law that would have endangered the lives of people who are homeless
The failed war on drugs and criminalization of people who consume them is taking a horrific toll on society.
Stigma and prejudice fuel community opposition to homeless shelters and supports
The situation in Surrey shows how discrimination and prejudice underly our treatment of others
Ending stigma begins with discussion - Insight from someone personally affected by the opioid crisis #SupportDontPunish