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Read the full report on how the City of Vancouver (and all non-federal jurisdictions, including provinces) can decriminalize simple drug possession now.
Read Pivot Legal Society's 2019 Annual Report
Joint letter (BCCLA, UBCIC & Pivot) in response to Vancouver Park Board resolution concerning by-law amendment to temporarily sheltering in parks.
Read the statement issued by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, and Pivot Legal Society.
Pivot Legal Society's Board Chair, Stephen Mussell, is interviewed about the difference between Indigenous law and Aboriginal law.
Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada delivered a unanimous decision on R v Zora; a case about bail breaches in which Pivot intervened with help from Vancouver-based criminal defence lawyer David Fai.
Pivot Legal Society calls for an end to prolific anti-Black and anti-Indigenous policing practices in BC, and call for the enactment of recommendations.
Non-Black and non-Indigenous legal practitioners must work to understand calls from Black and Indigenous people to defund police and redistribute these vital funds to community and peer-led health and safety programming.
Looking for ways to actively support Black people’s struggle for liberation? Support local Black-led organizations!
What are my rights & responsibilities during COVID-19? What are emergency powers? Read about the different Orders that are in effect and who can enforce.
BC government’s rapid and enforcement-based decampment plan for Oppenheimer Park, Topaz Park, and the Pandora Avenue Corridor is creating a level of harm that is preventable. Read Pivot's letter and the statements from the ground.