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Last month, the VSB released an independent review of the program, completed by Argyle Consulting. The review notes the negative impact of police in schools for Black and Indigenous students, notable as Black and Indigenous youth remain disproportionately criminalized.
Pivot Legal Society writes the Vancouver Police Board to urge them to: "substantively engage with the individuals, communities, and organizations that are calling for defunding the VPD as a matter of survival"
Over the last year, we have witnessed the VPD push back against even the most modest budget cuts - despite layoffs, hiring freezes and cutbacks which impacted both unionized and non-unionized staff at the city.
PRESS ADVISORY: Prior to the VSB Trustee Meeting to discuss the School Liaison Officer Program, Justice for Girls, Pivot Legal Society and Cops Out of Schools will be holding a press conference at the VSB entrance.
Joint letter (HLN, CDPC, and Pivot) urging Vancouver to develop a “Vancouver Model” for decriminalization that is appropriately broad and responds to the aspirations and needs of people who use drugs.
Pivot Legal Society's written submissions to the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act contain 26 specific recommendations
Threshold amounts must be appropriately high in order to eliminate both the abuse of police discretion and the enforcement and confiscation of below-threshold amounts.
Over 20 organizations are calling on the City of Vancouver to invest in non-police interventions that support people who are impacted by homelessness, toxic drug supply, mental health distress, and those working in informal economies and criminalized industries, such as sex work
There is truly no time to waste. We urge Health Canada to listen to the health and human rights experts who have already spoken about this, follow the public health evidence, and issue these exemptions quickly, without onerous and unnecessary conditions or restrictions. Lives and health are at stake.
The VPD’s Trespass Prevention Program is another deliberate attack on poor and unhoused people. Once again, police expend vital public resources to criminalize people who rely on public space.
A vigil is being called for Tuesday, January 12 at 380 East Hastings to commemorate our fallen friend’s tragic death at the hands of the Vancouver Police Department.
On patrol for less than 2 months, the VPD’s untimely deployment of the Neighbourhood Response Team was a flashpoint for the continued criminalization of poverty in Vancouver.
Last week, Vancouver City Council approved over $340 million in police funding and rejected a motion calling for a budget cut of $5 million. The failure to decisively defund the police – by both Council and the Police Board – enables the VPD to continue a longstanding pattern of interference, degradation, and harm in over-policed communities.
On International Human Rights Day, the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition and Pivot Legal Society are renewing calls for an amendment to the BC Human Rights Code to include protections based on social condition.
Pivot’s Criminalization & Policing Campaigner, Meenakshi Mannoe, writes about defunding the VPD and the importance of shifting away from criminalization and enforcement and leaning into equity, inclusion, and social justice.