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Learn how we helped save North America's first prescription heroin program with the aid of a courageous community who rallied around this life-saving service.
A heartfelt story from a mother whose son may have been alive today if clean heroin had been available as part of Heroin Assisted Therapy (HAT). Lindsey was using heroin at the age of 15. The family was told there was a six to nine month waiting list for help.
It's controversial but it works. Heroin is legal for treating addiction in Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and the UK. The evidence shows Heroin Assisted Treatment (HAT) works, and can also reduce crime and human suffering. "It benefits everybody."
Prescribing clean heroin helped turn Dave Murray's life around for the better. Learn how.
The system failed Bobbie O'Shea, and a court awarded her $10,000 for the injustice. Learn her story
We, along with Sex Workers United Against Violence and the PACE Society helped overturn Canada's harmful sex work laws. Learn how it happened.
Pivot Legal Society headlines, in the news in 2017
To all the friends, supporters, and allies I've met along this incredible journey: "Thank you."
After 17 years with Pivot Legal Society, Pacey leaves the organization in its strongest and most energized phase yet.
"Social condition is the situation you have in society because of your income, your occupation or your level of education."
After more than 100,000 visits there hasn't been a single fatality at one of Vancouver's first overdose prevention site
For the second time, the City Of Maple Ridge backed away from an injunction order after presented with evidence of the safety and security benefits of Anita Place.
Police must be made to cooperate with accountability organizations and investigations
Substance use is a health issue and should be treated as such
Harm reduction supplies save lives. Police should not be taking them away from people who use drugs.