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Pivot Legal and the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition successfully defend the right to harm reduction and health care
Justice Mosley agreed with our arguments and dismissed CABA’s application, citing directly from our submissions. In his decision
We intend to inform the Court of the City and RCMP’s misconduct over the weekend, which included numerous and egregious contraventions of Justice Grauer’s decision.
We are encouraged by the Court's recognition of life safety concerns and the allowing of solid structures
"Conditions of release" are imprisoning vulnerable communities in a cycle of harm that produced criminality
Because of stigma, our social safety net is often inaccessible to people who need it.
Police across the province are endangering lives and working in direct conflict with health authorities
Stigma fuels the creation of harmful laws that further reinforce the biases and prejudices we hold
The City of Maple Ridge filed its third injunction application against Anita Place with concerns about fire safety. #PivotLegal's team advocated for the City to take a harm reduction approach to heating solutions for the tent city's residents. Here are our submissions.
The city has increasingly adopted an "ideology of enforcement" that will harm vulnerable residents.
Pivot Legal Society headlines, in the news in 2019
As the coldest days of the year approach, the City is striving to break apart a community of homeless people living at Anita Place tent city
Stigma disqualifies people and groups from social acceptance and social equity
There are very real and direct health, safety, and human rights implications that arise where services are not available or accessible to marginalized people.
The judgement cited Pivot's submissions arguing for the removal of this harmful provision