Decriminalization Done Right: A Rights-Based Path for Drug Policy

#DecrimDoneRight is a civil society platform based on evidence and rooted in public health and human rights approaches to drug policy. It is a product of collaboration from legal, human rights, public health sectors and informed by the expertise of people who use drugs.

A photo of a protest where a banner that says “End the War on Drugs” is visible, overlaid in a transparent gradient moving from black in the bottom to red at the top. White text in the foreground, with a heading reads “Decriminalization Done Right: A rights-Based Path for Drug Policy.” Test on the bottom reads “A civil society platform grounded in evidence, human rights, public health, and compassion #DecrimDoneRight | #DrugDecrimCandada”

The war on drugs has not only fed policing and prisons in this country, it has had devastating effects on our families. Black and Indigenous mothers in particular have seen their children taken into the child welfare system, causing generational trauma. Schools, hospitals, and even our homes have become sites of violent policing which has done nothing to address trauma, to heal, or to help people who want treatment for addictions.

El Jones; Educator, Journalist, Activist



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