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There are many reasons why the recent welfare rate increase isn't helping low-income residents.
Data reveals that increased policing has done nothing to end the overdose crisis and stop the loss of life.
A proposed bylaw change could allow the City to target and discriminate against people who are homeless in parks.
Drug sniffing dogs in apartment buildings will further marginalize vulnerable people.
The RCMP could be playing a role in the prevalence of fatal overdoses by arresting people at the scene of 911 calls.
The BC NDP announced plans to revive the BC Human Rights Commission. British Columbia has been the only province in Canada without a commission since it was dismantled by the Liberals in 2002.
NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh is calling for a ban on racial profiling by police. The practice is often known as carding, and the idea would be an important first step in repairing relationships between law enforcement and racialized communities.
The City of Vancouver has let yet another SRO hotel fall into disrepair and now vulnerable residents are at risk of losing their homes.
Human rights prevailed over property rights after the homeless and their supporters won a victory at BC Supreme Court. Justice Neena Sharma dismissed an injunction application by the city of Vancouver to dismantle a tent city on Main Street after failing to see the "irreparable harm" its presence would have allegedly caused.
Black men assaulted by police after being misidentified as a suspect, Black women forced to the ground and pinned down by officers while waiting for a bus - these are the realities of the Black community in Canada and police must be held accountable.