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Human rights prevailed over property rights after the homeless and their supporters won a victory at BC Supreme Court. Justice Neena Sharma dismissed an injunction application by the city of Vancouver to dismantle a tent city on Main Street after failing to see the "irreparable harm" its presence would have allegedly caused.
Black men assaulted by police after being misidentified as a suspect, Black women forced to the ground and pinned down by officers while waiting for a bus - these are the realities of the Black community in Canada and police must be held accountable.
Federal Government Green Lights Expansion of Opioid Treatment
Recent preliminary data from the Metro Vancouver homeless count shows an alarming increase in homelessness throughout the province.
Harm reduction saves lives. Pivot Legal is pushing for changes to Bill C-37 that would allow organizations to open supervised injection sites more easily. The move in needed in light of the overdose epidemic currently gripping British Columbia
Heroin Assisted Therapy has been proven effective for drug users who don't respond to other forms of treatment. Despite rigorous research pointing to the benefits, Providence Crosstown Clinic remains the only place in North America where this life-saving intervention is accessible.
Pivot Legal Society commends Metro Vancouver mayors’ push for greater funding and support to end homelessness
Today Solomon Akintoye, 33, represented by Pivot Legal Society, is seeking a ruling of wrongful arrest and excessive use of force related to his detention and violent takedown by the Vancouver Police Department in 2011. This is the first significant civil lawsuit to challenge the policies of police in BC relating to investigative detention.
Imagining a new future for drug policy in Canada
A drug policy that criminalizes drug use is costing lives across BC. December was the deadliest month in a decade when it came to overdose deaths. Medical experts and former politicians say decriminalization is the answer.
Heated debate at Vancouver Park Board could have left the homeless in the freezing cold
Yesterday marked a historic day for Canadian drug policy.