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Our fight continues after an Ontario Court reaches a disappointing decision on prison-based needle exchange programs.
Signs to notify municipal bylaw and police officers about unhoused peoples' rights to shelter in parks.
Pivot Legal Society joins advocates and members of the Yukon bar to call for the suspension of a residential housing program within the Whitehorse Correctional Centre.
Halfway homes don't belong on prison grounds! Pivot Legal joins advocates in the Yukon to urge respect for residents’ rights.
Reports of a potential Provincial order of enforcement against unsheltered people who do not access temporary accommodations made available to them during COVID-19 has spread amongst unsheltered people in Vancouver.
Do you have protection from liability when providing voluntary services and exercising mutual aid during COVID-19? Legal information for service providers in BC.
Together with BCAAFC, BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, and Carnegie Community Action Project, we sent a letter this morning urging immediate action to address the threat of #COVID19 for people who are unhoused and inadequately housed in British Columbia.
We call on BC and Vancouver officials to urgently exercise their respective authorities in full, pursuant to emergency legislation, to rapidly house every BC resident without housing.