Headlines in 2020


Recognizing The International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers
December 22nd, 2020 — HypeFresh

Vancouver Police task force seize haul of weapons, advocates concerned about harm to homeless
December 19th, 2020 — News1130

Park board GM given authority to seek injunction to clear Strathcona homeless camp
December 14th, 2020 — Vancouver is Awesome

Vancouver makes formal request to federal government for decriminalizing of illicit drugs
December 9th, 2020 — Voice Online

Civil rights legal warrior Joe Arvay dead at 71
December 8th, 2020 — Vancouver Courier

Shelter advocates speak out against guest ban
December 2nd, 2020 — Maple Ridge News

The Fight to Decriminalize Drugs with Pivot Legal Society's Caitlin Shane
December 1st, 2020 — Air Freshener


Advocates aim to shape ‘Vancouver model’ for drug decriminalization
November 27th, 2020 — Lethbridge News Now

As Vancouver pushes for drug decriminalization, advocates hope other municipalities follow
November 27th, 2020 — The Globe and Mail

Advocates aim to shape ‘Vancouver model’ for drug decriminalization
November 26th, 2020 — The Star

Vancouver council approves Mayor Kennedy Stewart's motion seeking to decriminalize drug possession
November 25th, 2020 — The Georgia Straight

Vancouver city council unanimously passes motion to move ahead with drug decriminalization
November 25th, 2020 — The GrowthOp

Vancouver Mayor thanks Council for unanimous approval of decriminalization motion
November 25th, 2020 — The Voice

Vancouver council approves Mayor Kennedy Stewart's motion seeking to decriminalize drug possession
November 25th, 2020 — Globe and Mail

Vancouver Just Voted to Decriminalize All Drugs
November 25th, 2020 — Vice

Pivot Legal Society commends City of Vancouver's leadership on drug decriminalization
November 20th, 2020 — Spice Radio

Vancouver mayor proposes decriminalization of simple drug possession
November 19th, 2020 — Vancouver Sun

COMMENTARY: As Vancouver’s drug crisis continues, is decriminalization the answer?
November 19th, 2020 — Global News

Vancouver could be first to decriminalize personal drug possession in Canada
November 18th, 2020 — News1130

Vancouver Mayor Stewart announces plan to decriminalize simple possession of drugs
November 18th, 2020 — The Voice

Vancouver mayor moves to decriminalize simple possession of illicit drugs
November 18th, 2020 — Moosejaw Today

Vancouver proposes decriminalizing possession of small amounts of drugs
November 18th, 2020 — The Globe and Mail

Vancouver mayor wants feds to decriminalize simple drug possession
November 18th, 2020 — News1130

Vancouver mayor wants federal government to decriminalize simple possession of drugs
November 18th, 2020 — Pique News Magazine

Vancouver’s Council Wants a New Way of Policing. The VPD Is Not on Board
November 18th, 2020 — The Tyee

Full show: Rental report, Drug decriminalization, & Kennel cough!
November 18th, 2020 — OMNY (The Jill Bennett Show)

Critics call for the immediate suspension of Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Response Unit
November 17th, 2020 — Global News

Downtown Eastside organizations pushed for COVID-19 data transparency — and then cases surged
November 17th, 2020 — CBC

The Pulse on CFRO: Tuesday, Nov 17 (VPD's new street disorder response team)
November 17th, 2020 — CBC

The Mike Smyth Show: Are police helping? Spreading in schools & Shutting down businesses (9:00-16:00)
November 16th, 2020 — CKNW

Vancouver poverty advocates seek to halt new low-level crime police unit
November 16th, 2020 — CBC

Complaint filed against new Vancouver police team
November 16th, 2020 — News1130

Legal, social groups complain about new Vancouver police anti-crime unit
November 16th, 2020 — North Shore News

The Pulse on CFRO: Wednesday, Nov 11 (10:48- VPD's new street disorder response team)
November 11th, 2020 — The Pulse

Why NDP Should Drop Its Youth Overdose Bill
November 9th, 2020 — The Tyee

New B.C. government must prioritize preventing discrimination against those in severe poverty
November 9th, 2020 — Rabble

Vancouver’s WISH Drop-In Centre Society Opening Canada’s First 24/7 Shelter for Sex Workers
November 4th, 2020 — The Runner



Police release report on how pandemic is impacting crime in Vancouver (4:45)
October 29th, 2020 — CBC Radio, The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn

So, What Does BC’s Election Outcome Really Mean?
October 25th, 2020 — The Tyee

Activists say defunding police is an election issue (0:31)
October 20th, 2020 — CBC Radio, The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn

Trudeau Announced $1 Billion for Affordable Housing. Expect a Backlash from the Wealthy
October 16th, 2020 — Vice

Caitlin Shane: Decriminalize drugs across Vancouver and watch the harm recede
October 9th, 2020 — The Georgia Straight

B.C. election: Advocates say Liberal plan on ‘street disorder’ criminalizes poverty
October 8th, 2020 — Global News

B.C. Liberals make policing pledges while New Democrats promise new cancer care centres
October 7th, 2020 — CBC

Liberals promise funding for mental health workers to partner with police
October 7th, 2020 — North Shore News

Non-federal levels of government could act on decriminalization of drugs
October 3rd, 2020 — RedEye Radio

October, 2020 — BarTalk



Strathcona residents protest park encampment (at 1:01:26)
September 29th, 2020 — CBC Radio, On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko

Meenakshi Mannoe: Snap election delays police reform in B.C.
September 27th, 2020 — The Province

The BC Liberals Have an Election Campaign Strategy to Regain Power: Spread Fear About the Homeless
September 24th, 2020 — PressProgress

How Police Drug Seizures Are Making Life Worse on the Downtown Eastside
September 18th, 2020 — The Tyee

Vancouver Media Warning of ‘Crime’ And ‘Declining’ Dehumanizes Vulnerable Residents, Advocates Say
September 18th, 2020 — PressProgress



Why don’t Vancouver police officers wear body cameras?
August 20th, 2020 — Vancouver Courier

Prison and the Pandemic in Canada 
August 10th, 2020 — Fair Observer

Opioid overdose crisis outstrips COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, frontline workers say
August 6th, 2020 — Capital Current


In the face of opposition, vanlife ban delayed
July 30th, 2020 — The Squamish Chief

Podcast: Prisons and pandemic
July 29th, 2020 — Ricochet Media (Podcast)

Vancouver Jail Filthy, COVID Risk High, Say Arrested Hogan’s Alley Protesters
July 29th, 2020 — The Tyee

Province hits pause on controversial bill that would allow involuntary hospitalization of youth who overdose
July 27th, 2020 — CBC

British Columbia’s Troubling Bid to Detain Young People Who Overdose
July 27th, 2020 — Filter Magazine

Canadian Police Seek Drug Possession Decriminalization
July 24th, 2020 — Legal Reader

Police chiefs urge decriminalization of drug possession; policy experts urge faster, broader reform
July 21th, 2020 — Capital Current

Caitlin Shane and Scott Bernstein: Police agree we must fully decriminalize drug possession. And we must do so immediately
July 20th, 2020  — The Vancouver Sun

Letter: It's time to defund the Vancouver Police Department
July 20th, 2020  — The Ubyssey

Decriminalizing drugs is a matter of life and death
July 17th, 2020 — The Hamilton Spectator

Thirty Years after Oka, Wet’suwet’en Battle Shows How Little Has Changed
July 16th, 2020  — The Tyee

Pivot Legal Society reacts to Park Controls Bylaw passing
July 15th, 2020 — CKNW (Radio)

Paramedics in BC say officers protect them during their 'darkest times' amid calls to defund police
July 12th, 2020  — News1130

Changing laws around drug possession
July 10th, 2020 — CKNW (Radio)

As the deadly opioid crisis rages, Canada’s police chiefs say they’re ready for a new approach
July 9th, 2020  — The Star

Vancouver City Council Can and Should End Police Street Checks
July 8th, 2020  — The Mainlander

73 organizations call on Vancouver Police Board and Province to ban police street checks
July 6th, 2020  — Voice Online

As Vancouver tent city expands, some neighbours voice support for campers' demands
July 4th, 2020  — CBC

The Trouble with Displacement
July, 2020  — Canadian City Parks Report

It's time for Canadian courts and governments to acknowledge that forcible displacement of homeless people is inhumane
July, 2020  — Rabble



Advocates call for community-led crisis intervention, not police
June 28th, 2020  — CBC

How diverse is your police force? After anti-racism protests, we analyze the makeup of B.C.'s policing
July 28th, 2020  — The Vancouver Sun

Nursing student in civil suit against RCMP says wellness checks need to change
June 24th, 2020  — CBC

Re-thinking police wellness checks
June 23rd, 2020  — The Current with Matt Galloway

Tegan and Sara sell face masks to benefit Pivot Legal Society, Hogan's Alley Society
June 18th, 2020  — The Vancouver Sun

Wellness Checks Are All Over The News—But What Are They?
June 16th, 2020  — Chatelaine

With spotlight on policing failures, how can the system better respond to mental-health crises?
June 15th, 2020  — Battlefords Now

Video: Sex workers' Red Umbrella march goes virtual this year in wake of COVID-19 pandemic
June 15th, 2020  — The Georgia Straight

B.C. to overhaul ‘outdated’ policing legislation, says safety minister
June 12th, 2020  — The Province

Surrey has rare chance to redefine policing as it moves to a municipal force
June 10th, 2020  — The Province

What Does ‘The End of Policing’ Look Like?
June 9th, 2020  — The Tyee

Thousands are calling to defund the VPD. Here's what that might look like.
June 8th, 2020  — CTV

Defunding the VPD
June 8th, 2020  — Seeking Office (Podcast)

Use police funds for social programs says advocacy group as defunding movement grows
June 8th, 2020  — CityNews

Vyas Saran returns to Downtown Eastside to continue his pursuit of justice for marginalized British Columbians
June 8th, 2020  — The Georgia Straight

Police aren’t well-trained for mental health and wellness checks, says Vancouver-based advocate
June 6th, 2020  — CKNW

Nearly 600 campers moved into temporary housing amid COVID-19: B.C. government
June, 2020  — Tri-City News

Advocates call for community-led crisis intervention, not police
June, 2020  — The Vancouver Courrier



Drug decriminalization is a ‘no-brainer’ during COVID-19, say advocates
May 28th, 2020  —  Ricochet

COVID-19: How mainstream-media coverage of pandemic crime rates is getting it wrong
May 27th, 2020  —  The Georgia Straight

Contentious City Hall Meeting Ends With Victoria Order Protecting Unoccupied Tents
May 22nd, 2020  —  Capital Daily

Police Are Making Pandemic Life Worse for Already Oppressed People
May 21st, 2020  —  The Tyee

B.C. government, advocates spar over success of moving homeless people into temporary housing
May 21st, 2020  —  CBC

Concerns over housing conditions for Oppenheimer campers
May 20th, 2020  —  News1130

Vancouver, province clash over homeless housing as tent cities take spotlight during pandemic
May 20th, 2020  —  CBC

Yukon government under attack over transition home for inmates
May 17th, 2020  —  CBC

One per cent cut to Vancouver Police Department budget needs to be put in perspective: advocate
May 14th, 2020  —  News1130

Critics assail halfway house’s move to jail
May 6th, 2020  —  Whitehouse Daily Star

Lawyers, legal advocacy group condemn Yukon halfway house’s relocation to former jail unit
May 6th, 2020  —  Yukon Star



Sex workers left out of Canada’s COVID-19 support plan
April 20th, 2020  —  City News

Police arrest 14 people occupying empty Vancouver elementary school amid pandemic
April 19th, 2020  —  Aldergrove Star

Coronavirus fears spark calls for migrants to be released from B.C. holding centre
April 19th, 2020  —  Global News

April 3rd, 2020  — The Volcano

Pivot Legal Society calls for scaled-back VPD enforcement in DTES
April 3rd, 2020  — The Georgia Straight

Pivot Legal calling for 'over-policing' of DTES to end
April 2nd, 2020  — CKNW

Stop Downtown Eastside ‘over-policing’ during pandemic, VPD urged
April 2nd, 2020  — Vancouver Courrier

COVID-19: Advocacy group wants financial relief for Hamilton sex workers
April 1st, 2020  — The Hamilton Speculator



How the COVID-19 Crisis Is Hurting Sex Workers
March 27th, 2020  — The Tyee

Taser use by B.C. police creeps back up
March 10th, 2020  — Vancouver Sun

Former teacher addresses human trafficking at Richmond council
March 9th, 2020  — Richmond News



Vancouver council declares homelessness emergency, allowing for "targeted" vacancy-control recommendations
February 27th, 2020  — Vancouver Courier

The life and death of Barry Shantz
February 21th, 2020  — KTW

Not enough information to prove Vancouver police conducting racially-biased street checks: report
February 19th, 2020  — News1130

2010 Flashback: Housing activists drop banner, pitch tents during Games
February 18th, 2020  — Vancouver Courrier

2010 Flashback: Homelessness issue looms over Olympics
February 14th, 2020  — Vancouver Courrier



RCMP Limits on Access to Wet’suwet’en Land Illegal and Arbitrary, Groups Say
January 30th, 2020  — The Tyee

Fraser Valley homeless advocate killed by RCMP leaves behind complicated legacy
January 29th, 2020  — Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News

B.C. homeless people's advocate Barry Shantz identified as man shot dead by RCMP officer in Lytton
January 27th, 2020  — Georgia Straight

Homeless in Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park set up warming centre
January 17th, 2020  — Vancouver Courrier

VPD face investigation over arrest of Indigenous 12-year-old and grandfather
January 14th, 2020  — CBC

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