Requests to collaborate on research, student projects, & documentary films

If you are a member of the media and want to request an interview or information please visit our media contact page.

Thank you for thinking of Pivot for opportunities to collaborate

We receive many requests from researchers, students, and filmmakers. Please note that we are a small team and oftentimes do not have the capacity to engage in external projects.

We encourage you to review our website for key advocacy materials, including:

Our intention and hope is that these materials are circulated widely and can provide information and analysis to support you and others in developing projects.

A Note on working with directly-impacted people

We encourage you to take leadership from people with lived and living experience, and review community-authored resources such as Research 101: A Manifesto for Ethical Research in the Downtown Eastside. The following community-created resources may also aid you, should you wish to refine your campaign in alignment with the goals and liberation movements of directly impacted communities:

We are specifically mindful of extractive relationships and projects that do not compensate people with lived or living experience for their expertise, and encourage you to build in resources to compensate, credit, and report back to individuals and communities that have contributed to your project.

Thank you for reaching out and working to better understand our work. We hope that you can commit to supporting our demands and ongoing fight for justice for people who are unhoused, sex workers and people who use drugs.

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We want to acknowledge Maggie's Toronto Sex Workers Action Project who have developed a series of reflective questions to guide researchers. We are inspired by their statement and approach, and value their analysis.