Media advisory: Province to release guidelines for police dog deployment

Vancouver, B.C. [November 27]—The Province of B.C. will introduce guidelines for the training and deployment of police dogs in the province today, the first of their kind in Canada.

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The recommendations follow a report published by Pivot Legal Society in June 2014, which compiled more than two years of provincial police data detailing the deployment of police service dogs and their impact on public safety. The report found that police dogs are the number one source of injury caused by police forces in British Columbia, and made several recommendations including restrictions on how the dogs can be deployed and changes to the way dogs are trained.
Pivot Legal Society lawyer and report author Douglas King will be available for comment following the release of the new provincial police dog guidelines.
Who:              Douglas King, Pivot Legal Society, police accountability lawyer
What:             Provincial police dog guidelines
When:            Thursday, November 27, 11:00am
Note: A gallery of images and graphs related to police dog bites in British Columbia is available here.
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Kevin Hollett, Communications Director: 778-848-3420, [email protected]
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