Hope in Shadows 10th Awards Ceremony and Calendar Launch

For immediate release- October 2, 2012

Vancouver- The 10th Annual Hope in Shadows Calendar will be launched this morning at a community celebration in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

 For a decade, Hope in Shadows has been changing lives in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside by providing residents with opportunities to represent their community, build skills, and earn meaningful income.  In that time, over 30,000 compelling photos of the Downtown Eastside have been captured on the single-use cameras distributed as part of the Hope is Shadows photography contest each June.

This morning at 10:30am, Downtown Eastside residents, photographers and calendar vendors will gather at the Carnegie Community Centre as awards are presented to the winners of this year’s photo contest. The event will culminate with the unveiling of the landmark 2013 Hope in Shadows Calendar. 

After the event, photographers and photo subjects will be on hand to
 share the stories behind some of this year’s top images

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What:  10th Annual Hope in Shadows Award Ceremony and Calendar Launch

When: Tuesday, October 2nd, 10:30 am

Where: Carnegie Community Centre Theatre
 401 Main Street, Vancouver
(corner of Main and Hastings Streets)

“Looking back over ten years of Hope in Shadows photographs, I see changes in the neighbourhood. Many of them—like the victory of Insite and the growth of community gardens—have had a positive impact on the neighbourhood,” says project coordinator Carolyn Wong. “One thing that remains unchanged over these years is the spirit of the community. These photos continue to portray the beauty, humanity and resilience of the low-income people who call this community home.”

Calendar vendors will be at the event to pick up their first copy of the 2013 calendar and will hit the streets later today.  Over 64,000 copies of the Hope in Shadows Calendars have been sold through the street-vendor program since 2003.

Digital versions of some of the winning images will be available after the awards ceremony. Send an email to [email protected] to get a copy once the winners have been announced.