Guest Post: Options for Sexual Health

Every year, Options for Sexual Health (Opt) honours a Sexual Health Champion. This year, Opt is recognizing our very own Katrina Pacey as their 2016 champion. She’ll receive the honours at Opt’s 3rd Annual Sexual and Reproductive Health Breakfast on February 12, 2016. We asked Jennifer Breakspear, Executive Director of Options for Sexual Health, to write about what it means to be a Sexual Health Champion.

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What is a Sexual Health Champion?

A Sexual Health Champion is one who furthers Opt's Vision and Mission, embodies what sexual and reproductive rights are all about, and excites, informs, and inspires. Previous Sexual Health Champions include Dan Savage, prominent sex and relationship advice columnist and founder of the It Gets Better Project, (2013) and Heather Corinna, sexual health educator, author, and founder of, (2015).

Why Katrina?

For the last decade, Katrina has guided Pivot's litigation and campaign strategy, and has been the lead on Pivot's sex workers' rights campaigns. As Pivot's counsel on the Sex Workers United Against Violence and the Bedford cases, Katrina successfully argued the unconstitutionality of Canada's prostitution laws at the Supreme Court of Canada. Katrina's work increases awareness of sexual rights and her work on sex workers' rights is nothing short of inspirational.

Katrina has fought tirelessly for the rights of sex workers, and in doing so, furthered Opt’s Vision: a society that celebrates healthy sexuality, its diversity of expression, and a positive sexual self-image for individuals throughout life.

We could not imagine a more inspiring Sexual Health Champion.

What does Opt do?

Options for Sexual Health is the largest non-profit sexual health care provider in Canada, and serves all ages, all genders, and all orientations. At Opt we care about the healthy sexuality of all British Columbians. We offer sexual and reproductive health care, information, and education from a feminist, pro-choice, and sex positive perspective. We have 60 sexual health clinics throughout British Columbia, provide informative presentations for groups and individuals on a variety of sexual and reproductive health issues. Our workshops offer comprehensive, nonjudgmental information in our accessible, signature style. We also provide the 1-800-SEX-SENSE line, a toll-free confidential, anonymous phone line and email resource available Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Our knowledgeable staff answer questions on any sexual health or sexuality-related questions.

Join Opt and Pivot on February 12, 2016 to celebrate Sexual and Reproductive Health Day and honour our 2016 Sexual Health Champion Katrina Pacey.

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