Headlines in 2022


B.C. premier's expansion of involuntary medical treatment infringes on human rights: advocates
November 27, 2022 - CBC News

Copaganda and layered policing: behind the Vancouver Police social safety net report
November 22, 2022 — Spring Magazine

B.C. can’t police its way out of a housing crisis
November 22, 2022 — The Breach


Public safety is a priority for B.C. voters. But what does that mean?
October 13, 2022 — CBC News

Vancouver Police Union will announce which candidates it will endorse
October 5, 2022 — CBC News (audio)

Vancouver Police Union breaks with tradition and endorses ABC Vancouver for municipal election
October 5, 2022 — CBC News

NPA promises to keep violent offenders out of Vancouver
October 5, 2022 — City News (video)

Judicial review sought of fire order to remove tents off Vancouver street
October 3, 2022 — City News

Hastings Street campers seek judicial review to strike down fire order calling for shelter removals
October 3, 2022 — CBC News

Judicial review sought of fire order to remove tents off Vancouver street
October 3, 2022 — Bowen Island Undercurrent


In Vancouver, Prioritize Human Rights This Election
September 29, 2022 — The Tyee

How Can Local Politicians Stem the Toxic Drug Crisis?
September 29, 2022 — The Tyee

How Can Local Politicians Stem the Toxic Drug Crisis?
September 29, 2022 — Penticton Herald

The BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), Pivot Legal Society, #Justice for Jared, The Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) and the family of Haida Elder Jimmie Johannesson announce calls to action five months after Surrey RCMP Fatality
September 8, 2022 — Nation Talk

‘Calls to Action’ issued 5 months after cops shoot Surrey man dead during ‘wellness’ check
September 8, 2022 — Peace Arch News

All in a Weekend with Sonali Karnick: Anna Cooper: Looking for ways to help the unhoused during a housing crisis
September 3, 2022 — CBC (audio)


Carolyn Bennett hopes B.C.’s decriminalization plan reduces stigma around drug use
August 31, 2022 — The Globe and Mail

Statement regarding Vancouver police’s 5th murder in 2022
August 27, 2022 — Spring Magazine

Series of Downtown Eastside building fires alarm residents, advocates
August 25, 2022 — CBC

Mandatory addiction treatment could dial back crimes from repeat offenders, says Kelowna's top Mountie
August 25, 2022 — CBC

Still no shelter space for majority of those being displaced by tent removal in Downtown Eastside
August 24, 2022 — Peace Arch News

Counsel highlight importance of ‘social context evidence’ in drug sentencing decision
August 22, 2022 — The Lawyer's Daily

Downtown Eastside housing advocates are in a wait-and-see approach when it comes to David Eby
August 19, 2022 — CBC

Hells Angel posts videos of water balloons being dropped on homeless people
August 19, 2022 — The Vancouver Sun

DTES Tent City Tensions Spotlight Vancouver’s Housing and Wealth Divide
August 18, 2022 — Storeys

Forced evictions of tent city in Vancouver described as a campaign of terror
August 18, 2022 — APTN (video)

East Hastings encampment persists three weeks after fire chief’s order to clear sidewalks
August 16, 2022 — Vancouver is Awesome

Little change to Vancouver downtown street encampment as residents wonder where to go
August 10, 2022 — Canadian Press

B.C. has seen more police shootings this year. A different response to crime is needed, say experts, advocates
August 10, 2022 — CBC

No plan to house hundreds of people living in tents on Vancouver's Hastings Street, say advocates
August 10, 2022 — CBC

Multiple arrests following violence with police as tents removed from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
August 9, 2022 — CBC

On East Hastings, We’ve Been Abandoned
August 9, 2022 — The Tyee

Multiple arrests after police allegedly assaulted amid tent city removal in Downtown Eastside
August 9, 2022 — CTV News

As Vancouver begins removing tent encampment, residents wonder where they should go
August 9, 2022 — Canadian Press

City workers begin removing tents from Downtown Eastside in Vancouver
August 9, 2022 — TBEN News

Crowded tent encampment on main Vancouver street set to be removed by city
August 9, 2022 — The Canadian Press

Démantèlement des tentes à Vancouver : arrestations et échauffourée avec la police
August 9, 2022 — Radio-Canada

Meet Geoffrey Bordas, who lives in a tent on East Hastings Street
August 3, 2022 — Vancouver is Awesome



Vancouver's tent city occupants say they need housing, not flyers telling them to leave
July 28, 2022 — Vancouver Sun

Vancouver arson attack on woman increases concern for safety of unhoused
July 27, 2022 — Vancouver Is Awesome

‘Justice for Jared:’ Family of Indigenous man killed by RCMP demand justice a year later
July 27, 2022 — Cortes Currents

Tents to be removed from Downtown Eastside despite little-to-no shelter space
July 26, 2022 — Peace Arch News

Order to remove tents, shelters will leave Downtown Eastside residents with nowhere to go: advocates
July 26, 2022 — CTV News

When DTES 'tent city' is dismantled, advocates wonder where the unhoused go
July 26, 2022 — CityNews

Vancouver DTES tent city to be cleared by Wednesday, but residents say there’s nowhere to go
July 26, 2022 — Global News

Tents to be removed from Downtown Eastside despite little-to-no shelter space
July 26, 2022 — Maple Ridge- Pitt Meadows News

What about SNOW?
July 25, 2022 — The Mirror

One year after RCMP killed Wet’suwet’en man, loved ones push for justice
July 9, 2022 — Indigi News

Family, friends searching for answers a year after killing of Jared Lowndes
July 9, 2022 — Times Colonist


City of Vancouver vows to find alternative to DTES 'street sweeps'
June 23, 2022 — Vancouver Sun

City of Vancouver apologizes for harm caused during daily street sweeps in the Downtown Eastside
June 22, 2022 — CBC News

Vancouver councillor calls for stop to street sweeps of homeless belongings in Downtown Eastside
June 21, 2022 — The Province

Dehumanizing and disruptive: Calls to end 'street sweeps' in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
June 16, 2022 — CTV News Vancouver

DTES group rallies against ‘street sweeps,’ says area’s homeless targeted
June 15, 2022 — Global News

Can't justify a criminal charge? Take their stuff, instead. Society's poor and addicted hardest hit by B.C. forfeiture laws
June 10, 2022 — The Province

For decriminalization to save lives, users need to be allowed to carry more drugs: B.C. advocates
June 1, 2022 — Terrace Standard


'That sounds disgusting': Disturbing allegations at B.C. undercover police training course
May 30, 2022 — CTV News

B.C. court hears new appeal in fentanyl trafficking case
May 26, 2022 — Globe and Mail

Teen swarmings stoke debate over removal of VPD school liaison officers
May 13, 2022 — Vancouver Sun

A small fight with a BIG win: Blocking the use of CCTV cameras in Vancouver
May 13, 2022 — Open Media

B.C.'s expert panel on prolific offenders under fire before it starts work
May 11, 2022 — Vancouver Sun

BC mental health agency CEO: People living with a mental illness are rarely violent
May 10, 2022 — Vancouver Is Awesome

Peer-based North Shore team aims to divert police from mental health calls
May 6, 2022 — Global News

Controversial Vancouver police ‘trespass prevention program’ goes citywide
May 4, 2022 — Vancouver Is Awesome

Jailing immigration detainees in BC prisons infringes on rights, say organizations
May 4, 2022 — Indo-Canadian Voice

B.C.'s first civilian-led mobile mental health crisis team expanding to 2 more municipalities
May 4, 2022 — CBC News

Meenakshi Mannoe discusses the new report Transforming Policing and Community Safety in B.C. And the new Anti-Racism Data Act
May 2, 2022 — CBC Radio

Policing and Anti Racism Data: New report "Transforming Policing and Community Safety in B.C." and the new "Anti-Racism Data Act"
May 2, 2022 — CBC Radio


BC’s police reform report draws backlash
April 29, 2022 — CTV News Vancouver

'Reforms simply just don't work.' Civil rights advocates pan B.C. policing recommendations
April 29, 2022 — The Vancouver Sun

Report on reforming B.C.’s Police Act receives mixed reviews
April 29, 2022 — Black Press Media

'Nothing concrete': Advocates disappointed with B.C. police reform report
April 29, 2022 — CTV News

'Reforms simply just don't work.' Civil rights advocates pan B.C. policing recommendations
April 29, 2022 — Vancouver Sun

B.C. should replace RCMP with provincial police force, committee recommends
April 28, 2022 — CTV News

Protest planned over Canada Post's refusal to deliver mail to parts of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
April 25, 2022 — Vancouver Sun

No postal service in parts of East Hastings Street may mean missed cheques
April 14, 2022 — Vancouver Sun

Drug users group fights City of Surrey’s ‘discriminatory’ cancellation of business licence
April 2, 2022 — Peace Arch News


Honour Their Names: New Exhibit Highlights Police Killings of Indigenous People
March 15, 2022 — The Mainlander

Vancouver activists, community leaders torn over police budget ruling
March 15, 2022 — City News

Province restores $5.7 million that was cut from 2021 Vancouver police budget
March 14, 2022 — Vancouver Sun

International Women’s Day history, future
March 8, 2022 — CBC Radio

Concerns remain after Vancouver police recruitment video deleted
March 3, 2022 — CBC News


B.C. police dog bites under scrutiny by advocates, oversight agencies
February 8, 2022 — CTV News

Students advocating for drug decriminalization host online community panel
February 3, 2022 — The Runner

Police see major budget increases despite majority support for defunding
February 1, 2022 — The Breach


Reporter’s Notebook: Eviction at Bastion Street bridge
January 13, 2022 — The Discourse

Peel Health considering request to decriminalize some drugs in Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon
January 6, 2022 — Brampton Guardian