Support Surrey/Newton Union of Drug Users

Surrey residents who use drugs have a right to safety, health and community

If you are resident of Surrey-Newton, you can actively support your neighbours who use drugs by writing to Surrey City Council about their denial of a business license to a crucial community space for people who use drugs (PWUD).

The Surrey-Newton Union of Drug Users (SNUDU) is a peer-led organization working to improve the lives of people who use drugs through user-to-user support, education, and advocacy. SNUDU operates a desperately-needed meeting space in the heart of Surrey-Newton. It is one of the only spaces where people who use drugs can meet, get away from the cold, rest and use washroom facilities.

It is especially crucial to maintain direct services that provide harm reduction and personal protective equipment during the dual health crises of COVID-19 and a toxic drug supply.

Surrey City Council:
Support the health & human rights of our neighbours who use drugs