Fresh Faces at Pivot

Our new summer interns make me nervous for my position. Not in that “they are out to get my job” way, but in the sense that arguably I should be working for them. I spent 3 weeks sifting through their resumes and being confronted by the sheer weight of all the talent that was seeking to work with Pivot to expand and improve its campaigns. And from these dozens of applications I, who arguably is not qualified to choose between white and red wine at dinner, had to narrow down this list of dynamic individuals to those who would be granted interviews. The interviews were done, the selections were made, and the best 4 came out on top as our summer interns.

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Using the law as a catalyst for positive social change, Pivot Legal Society works to improve the lives of marginalized communities.

They arrived on Monday for orientation and began work immediately Tuesday morning. By Wednesday they were making presentations at meetings and dealing directly with clients. The Hope in Shadows team was thrown into high-gear with the infusion of their new intern and the 2011 photography contest is already on the horizon. If they keep up this pace then they will run out of things to do and will be doing my job by months end. Only better.

And so, ladies and gentleman, I am scared for my job. But conversely hopeful for Pivot’s future.

Its going to be an amazing summer.