Draft Bylaws

On November 28th 2016, the new BC Societies Act will come into force. Read about the new act here. 
At Pivot Legal Society’s AGM, members will be asked to consider a special resolution to make changes to the Society’s Constitution and Bylaws. While this special resolution will be considered at the October 24th, meeting, new bylaws will not come into effect until the Society transitions to the new Societies Act, which will occur as soon as possible after November 28, 2016.  Until such time, the current bylaws will remain in effect.
You can view a draft of the proposed Constitution and Bylaws here
At the AGM, time will be put aside to discuss the key changes to the Constitution and Bylaws before the resolution is put to a vote.  
The language of the resolution will be as follows:
“RESOLVED AS A SPECIAL RESOLUTION that the existing Constitution and Bylaws of the Society be deleted and replaced with the Bylaws attached hereto as Schedule A”