Pivot Legal Society Annual Report 2022

Peer experts, community organizers and groups, funders, and supporters, are all a critical part of our work which at its heart, involves creating space for and learning from, people directly impacted by poverty and criminalization.

To all who have stood alongside us on the streets and in the courts; to all who have sent emails and showed up to serve food; to all who have spent countless hours collaborating with us and to all those who have opened your doors for us, we thank you!

Your trust and generosity have allowed us to fight back against discriminatory and deadly laws and policies while striving for healthier and stronger communities.

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Through dedicated and intentional engagement with communities we work with, Pivot staff continue discovering ways in which Pivot and our resources and capacities can be of best use. Whether it’s through on-the-ground interventions, training legal observers or facilitating community actions, Pivot remains committed to life-affirming tactics.


Two toned vertical panels. The left side has a black background with the heading “Pivot Snapshot 2022”. The body reads, “This quick snapshot paints a picture of our commitment to the communities we work with and the movements we are a part of. Beyond these numbers exist relationships and stories of struggle and joy. We appreciate and thank the numerous people and organizations who have provided us with opportunities to contribute, learn, and fight alongside.” The right side has 2 columns of stacked graphics on top of a single graphic at the bottom. In different colours, from top-left to bottom-right and then at the bottom: Graphic no. 1 has black text and a green icon of a person with a phone and it reads: 275 Short Referral Requests. Graphic no. 2 has black text and a yellow icon of two people sitting across from eachother at a table and it reads: 90 Legal & Policy Advice, and Advocacy with Government Agencies. Graphic no. 3 has black text and a red icon of three people standing in front of a larger person character with a speech bubble and it reads: 74 Keynotes, Panels, & Webinar Presentations. Graphic no. 4 has black text and an orange icon of three people and the text reads: 2,225 Workshop & Presentation Attendees. Graphic no. 5 has black text and a pink icon of a computer with a checkmark on the screen and the text reads: 2,730 Online Legal Information Resources Accessed. Graphic no. 6 has black text and a blue icon of a newspaper and it reads: 98 News Headlines & Mentions. Graphic no. 7 has black text and a purple icon of a scale and it reads: 16 Legal Interventions, Human Rights & Policing Cases.

Pivot in Numbers

White horizontal panels. In each panel there is a vibrant and colourful stylized donut chart. Both charts are coloured from largest portion to lowest portion from falu red for the largest piece, fire engine red, then deep carmine pink, then melon pink and nile blue for the smaller piece. The top chart has the title “Revenue Breakdown 2022”. The pie portions are Grants 47.7%, Charitable Contributions (Individuals) 15.3%, Charitable Contributions (Organizations) 14.2%, Internal Reserves 21.7%, and Interest & Earned Revenue 1.2%. The bottom chart has the title “Expenses Breakdown 2022”. The portions are Remuneration 73.6%, General 15.2%, Programs 7.4%, and Organization & Resource Development 3.9%.

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Using the law as a catalyst for positive social change, Pivot Legal Society works to improve the lives of marginalized communities.