Pivot Legal Society Annual Report 2021

Pivot works in partnership with communities affected by poverty and social exclusion to identify priorities and develop solutions to complex human rights issues. Our work is focused in four policy areas: police accountability, drug policy, homelessness, and sex workers’ rights.

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As a legal society, we recognize that Pivot is entrenched and complicit in colonial structures which continue to disadvantage Indigenous peoples and ignore the existence and legitimacy of Indigenous law, legal systems, and systems of governance. These colonial structures similarly disadvantage racialized communities and people who experience poverty. Our Board and staff continue to take up organizational work related to decolonization, equity, diversity, and inclusion. As an organization that has historically predominantly been led by white settlers, we understand that our team has a long way to go to truly be accomplices to Indigenous peoples in shifting the colonial default, and we are committed to ongoing learning across our organization.

~ Stephen Mussell, Board Chair & Drew Dennis, Executive Director


Two toned vertical panels. The left side has a white background with the heading “Pivot 2021 Stats”. The body reads, “In 2021, Pivot staff collaborated closely with community members and groups on blogs, press releases, presentations and public advocacy. We continued to work within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, using a combination of online and in-person formats to connect and collaborate. We continued to engage with people with lived and living experience, lawyers, healthcare workers, students, government actors, and service providers through webinars, workshops, panels, and presentations. We use a combination of community support, direct government advocacy, public education campaigns, and litigation to challenge laws and policies that discriminate against and deny human rights to people who use drugs, sex workers, people who are unhoused, and criminalized communities.” The right side has stacked graphics in different colours. From top to bottom: Graphic no. 1 has black text and a green icon of a person with a phone and it reads: 234 Short-Service Calls Received. Graphic no. 2 has black text and a red icon of four people with one person slightly larger with a speech bubble and it reads: 36 Keynotes, Panels & Webinar Presentations. Graphic no. 3 has black text and a yellow icon of two people sitting across from eachother at a desk and it reads: 91 Legal & Policy Advice and Advocacy with Government Agencies. Graphic no. 4 has black text and a purple icon of a scale and it reads: 14 Legal Interventions, Human Rights & Policing Cases. Graphic no. 5 black text and a blue icon of a newspaper and it reads: 94 News Headlines & Mentions.White horizontal panels. In each panel there is a vibrant and colourful stylized three dimensional pie chart. Both pie charts are coloured from largest portion to lowest portion from red for the largest piece, blue, then yellow, then purple and green for the smaller piece. The top pie chart has the title “Revenue Breakdown 2021”. The pie portions are Grants 50%, Donations 40%, Internal Reserves 9%, and Interest & Earned Revenue 1%. The bottom pie chart has the title “Expenses Breakdown 2021”. The pie portions are Renumeration 73%, Office, General & Overhead 15%, Programs & Campaigns 8%, and Development 4%.

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Using the law as a catalyst for positive social change, Pivot Legal Society works to improve the lives of marginalized communities.