Position Papers

We must develop a flexible definition of Social Condition that includes an element of disadvantage and explicitly identifies housing status.
In light of the federal government’s failure to meaningfully reform drug policy, provinces like B.C. can and must take legal steps to effectively (“de facto”) decriminalize simple possession by re-directing police resources away from its criminal enforcement.
Police must be made to cooperate with accountability organizations and investigations
Substance use is a health issue and should be treated as such
Harm reduction supplies save lives. Police should not be taking them away from people who use drugs.
People who call 911 should be free to do so without fear of arrest.
Land use decisions should protect the rights and safety of society's least off and most marginalized.
Government policy should be guided by research and facts, not fear and stigma
Police should not stand in the way of life-saving harm reduction initiatives
Pivot, along with Community Legal Assistance Society, West Coast LEAF, and BC Civil Liberties Association, is calling for significant, systemic reform to British Columbia's ailing justice system. These recommendations will uplift marginalized and Indigenous communities left behind by inadequate laws and policies.