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Headed to City Hall

Wonder Palace Hotel

This afternoon we’re headed to City Hall to participate in a City Council meeting. It’s pretty exciting. After lobbying the City for nearly a decade to have the City make use of the Standards of Maintenance By-Law to protect residents of single occupancy residences (SRO’s), it is starting to happen.

City council is making a decision on whether to seek a court injunction to force the landlord of the Palace Hotel on West Hastings Street and the Wonder Hotel on East Cordova Street, to make significant improvements to the suites and common areas. The offending landlord is not unknown to Pivot and we are glad to see the City taking action.

We will appear alongside the DTES Neighborhood Council to show our support for the City’s decision to seek this injunction and to lay out the importance of making sure the tenants, who have already endured deplorable conditions in these hotels, are protected. If they are forced to move out during the course of the renovations, they will all need somewhere to go to avoid homelessness. We are asking that the City and the Province work together to put a plan in place to accommodate the residents who will have to uproot themselves while the much needed repairs are underway.

Pivot is also representing several of the tenants who have launched a legal action with the Residential Tenancy Board. They are seeking damages for the harm they’ve suffered as a result of the deplorable conditions in the SROs.