Final Investigation Report in the Matter of Sandy Davidsen and Cst. Taylor Robinson

At the public hearing into the discipline of Cst. Taylor Robinson, who was found guilty of Abuse of Authority and Neglect of Duty after pushing Sandy Davidsen to the ground in the Downtown Eastside and then failing to help her up, media asked for a copy of the Final Investigation Report by the New Westminster Police Department. Pivot sought to enter a full copy of that report as an exhibit to the proceedings, however it was marked for identification purposes only, meaning that it may not be made available to the public. 

Pursuant to the Police Act a complainant is provided with a copy of the Final Investigation Report, with third party information and sensitive portions redacted. While Pivot maintains that a full copy of the report should be made available to the public for the purposes of police accountability and transparency, Ms. Davidsen has agreed to provide media with the redacted version to assist in their coverage of the public hearing into Cst. Robinson's misconduct in the event that adjudicator Wally Oppal does not make the full report public. 

The redacted version of the Final Investigation Report will be available here after the determination of the matter. 


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