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At Pivot we have a bold vision for change. Our work is grounded in the belief that poverty and social exclusion are not inevitable. We take a bottom up approach to social change, working collaboratively with people impacted by poverty and marginalization to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

This past year has been full of victories, but there is so much more to do and we need your help! By making a donation to our Gifts for Change holiday campaign you ensure that we will see more results in 2012.

Our role at the Pivot Foundation is to build a community of engaged supporters committed to ending poverty and marginalization. Over the years your support has helped to tackle some of the most pressing human rights issues of our time - homelessness, police misconduct, exploitation of sex workers, to name just a few.

We are consistently inspired by the people on the frontlines of the fight for social justice and want to introduce a few of the staff at Pivot Legal Society whose work is changing the face of Vancouver.

Scott Bernstein is a Pivot staff lawyer working on health and drug policy. He was part of the legal team responsible for the recent InSite victory at the Supreme Court of Canada.
“I went to law school with the dream of advocating for people who couldn’t do that for themselves.  At Pivot, I get to live my dream by working with an incredible team of smart, passionate people who fight for equality, fairness and social responsibility.  I get a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in fighting the “good fight” on important issues for our community.”

Carolyn Wong is the project coordinator for Pivot’s Hope in Shadows project. Carolyn’s commitment to the Hope in Shadows vendors has helped to create meaningful employment for over 200 low-income people this year.
“Throughout my life I have had opportunities to learn new things, explore my creativity and find meaningful work. Each opportunity has contributed to my personal growth and well-being. Working with Hope in Shadows I get to foster similar opportunities for people in the Downtown Eastside. Recently I've started thinking about my work differently, moving away from a "helping others" point of view to a "let's work together" approach. What I love about working at Pivot is that I'm continually challenged, always learning and experience peak moments (like when one of this year's winning photographers sang the Chief Dan George Prayer at our exhibition opening).”

Doug King is a Pivot staff lawyer working on policing and housing. This year, Doug sued Harbour Centre on behalf of five clients who were beaten by the Fusion security guards who patrol the mall. He is also representing twenty-two Downtown Eastside residents in their court battle against a notorious slumlord.
"In law school it always felt like a fight to find fulfillment in the practice of law, but at Pivot I am surrounded every day by people who believe, like me, that justice is rooted in equality and fairness above all else. Having strong support for our work makes it feel like I am part of a community which collectively strives for social change, using the law for its purest purpose."

As you plan your holiday giving this year, consider turning the holiday spirit into a force for justice and positive social change with a donation to our Gifts for Change holiday campaign.

We hope we can rely on your support!


J. Stewart
Chair, Pivot Foundation

PS – We are looking forward to a great year in 2012 and your contribution to our Gifts for Change campaign will help us make as great an impact as possible.