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Phone Book Drive!

Pivot interns Heather and Naz with phone books.

One of our sponsors, Recollective Consulting, has offered to give us up to $500 if we collect 500 phone books ($1 per book), but to date only 42 books have been collected! We know that many people have piles of these books sitting around in the lobby of their apartment building - if you have the same problem - please let us know when you can collect 10 of them together and we will pick them up!

Recollective Consulting want to build a privacy booth at the HiVE with your phone books! What better building material than this ubiquitous, largely ignored resource?

For every phone book brought to the HiVE $1 will be donated to the Pivot Legal Society "Hope in the Shadows" campaign.
If you can drop them off yourself, drop off phone books to:
Recollective Consulting
@ the HiVE
210 - 128 W. Hastings St.

If you have any questions or have more than 10 books in the Vancouver city area let us know - call 604 255 9701.