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pivot foundation

The Pivot Foundation is an independent charitable foundation that works to build a community of support for charitable activities that aim to end poverty and marginalization.

The Pivot Foundation has a number of charitable partners, but works primarily with Hope in Shadows Inc. a federally registered charity that works to empower, educate, train, and improve the quality of life of people living in poverty.

The Pivot Foundation’s charitable number is 89451 0502 RROOO1

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2012 - 2013 Pivot Foundation Directors
Jacob Hunter

Jacob Hunter is an advocate for drug policy reform and social justice based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Jacob is the Policy Director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation and sits on the Board of Directors of the BC Civil Liberties Association. Jacob is also the founder and administrator of the activist website WhyProhibition.ca and a member of RightsCity.org editorial board. Though he considers himself a non-partisan progressive, Jacob has volunteered on various political campaigns since 2000, working with like-minded candidates regardless of party affiliation.

J. Stewart

J. Stewart arrived in Vancouver from Ontario in 1999. He attended BCIT and was later employed in the radio creative departments of Corus Entertainment and what is now CTVglobemedia where he became an award-winning writer. After 7 years he left to take a job at UGM where he is their Manager of Communications & Media Relations. J resides in East Vancouver. He is married to his wife of 8 years and is a new father.

Emily Beausoleil

Emily Beausoleil is an award-winning doctoral candidate in Political Theory at UBC, where her work focuses on the use of the performing arts as forms of political resistance and social change. This work arose in response to working in India as researcher of the impact of globalization on traditional artistic communities, as well as CIDA intern with a grass-roots women’s empowerment organization. She has also served on the board of the International Centre of Art for Social Change and the Judith Marcuse Projects since 2005, as its secretary since 2007, where she has also contributed to curriculum design, research, and event coordination. She would dare to identify as a dancer, although most unabashedly when there are no witnesses.