Campaigner (Member of the Law Society of Ontario, applying for transfer to the Law Society of British Columbia)

Jin Chien

Jin has worked in the legal and policy sectors in Canada, China, and Southeast Asia. Her focus on the intersection of these disciplines began at the University of British Columbia, where she completed a dual degree program in law and Asia Pacific policy studies.

In Canada, Jin has practiced poverty and immigration law at a legal clinic serving disadvantaged, non-English-speaking Chinese and Southeast Asian clients, and advocated on behalf of persons charged with criminal offences as both duty and private counsel.

In Cambodia, Jin first worked in international criminal law at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, and later acted as legal advisor for a leading non-profit organization on inclusive development, social justice, and human rights issues. More recently, she worked in Myanmar, where she partnered with local public interest lawyers and civil society organizations to defend land and natural resource rights, and seek redress for communities negatively impacted by large-scale development projects.

Contact: jin [at] pivotlegal [dot] org