Featured Staff

Brenda first became involved in advocating for sex workers’ human rights almost two decades ago in Southeast Asia, documenting working conditions of migrants. As a human rights activist, she has conducted research and international advocacy in the context Myanmar’s civil war, on child soldiers, forced labour, women’s human rights and CEDAW, and the ties between violations of Indigenous peoples’ rights and large-scale resource extraction projects.

As a lawyer in Vancouver, working in Aboriginal law and on the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, Brenda has seen strong parallels between struggles in the global South and the experiences of Canada’s First Nations and communities marginalized by poverty. She believes strongly that effective social change must begin and end with those most affected by injustice.

Brenda tries to spend as much of her free time as possible outdoors, hiking, cycling, and kayaking.

e-mail brenda [at] pivotlegal [dot] org