Featured Staff

Adrienne Smith is Pivot’s Health and Drug Policy lawyer. They graduated from UBC Law School where they specialized in Social Justice law. Adrienne was called to the bar in British Columbia in 2014.

Adrienne lives and works in the Downtown Eastside and knows what is at stake here. Adrienne is committed to doing Pivot’s work with an unconditional positive regard for people in our neighbourhood, and a commitment to meet them where they are.

They have been a garbage man, a labour activist, a political campaign organizer, a legislative researcher, and a mental health worker. They also have a sled dog, an air brake ticket, and a graduate degree in geography. Adrienne knits, plays the fiddle, and likes slam poetry and roller derby.

Adrienne is working to reduce the harm which law causes to marginalized communities. 

e-mail adrienne [at] pivotlegal [dot] org